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About Us - Barri rent since 1971   
In 1971, the company now began a project BARRI motorcycles and car rental in Sant Antoni Bay. The company was called Moto Bay and 10 years later opened an office in Port des Torrent. The new office was maintained but the original office was changed Cars Barri, who answers to the name of Bartolo and Rita and are managed in a personalized and familiar.
Scooters and cars are rented, starting with the Seat 600. In the beginning, you could contact the oficna with the phone number 640, number rightful calling the switchboard of San Agustin. By the year 1977, the office of Port des Torrent ja had its assigned number that still stands. Barri Cars 1989 changed its direction with a new office in the Bay and varied design company by Barri Rent to adapt to changing times and encourage contact with new customers. Bartolo and Rita continue to work today, giving a personalized service to its customers.
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